We’re excited to share our new partnership with Lin Health Medical Group, a clinically proven chronic pain treatment option.

If you have …

chronic neck pain

chronic back pain

chronic regional pain syndrome

facial pain


irritable bowel syndrome

pelvic floor dysfunction

chronic pelvic pain


chronic headaches

Then a treatment based in the latest pain neuroscience may be an important part of your care plan. Sometimes, when you live with chronic pain, the “volume” of pain in the brain gets turned way up. Your pain can both be very real but also “louder” than it needs to be.

You might wonder what neuroscience could have to do with pain. And the answer lies in the fact that chronic pain is very different than acute pain.

It’s easy to begin working with a pain recovery coach via telehealth AND this program is now covered by many commercial insurances and Medicare! Ask your Lowell Pain Center provider to find out more about this exciting program.

New! Curious what brain-first therapy sounds like? Check out these FREE introductory videos that will help you understand what pain is and what you can do to recover.